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Applicants must be members of the CPA (Craft Potters Association). Fellows, Professional and Associate members are all welcome to apply for a stand. Application forms will be sent out in the March/April edition of CPA News. Please note that application is open to CPA (Craft Potters Association) members (Fellows, Professional and associate members) only.

Stands are made up of lunastone quartz worktops, making an area of 4 feet deep by 6 feet wide. You can put whatever you like on top of these to display your work to best advantage- cloths, plinths, shelves etc. But don't go so high that you block off the light, view or access to neighbouring stands.

Please do not bring your own floor-mounted stand; there is just not the space.

The power supply in the hall is not adequate for exhibitors to bring their own lights. The existing lighting in the hall is very good.

For a list of B & Bs and hotels in Oxford, contact us.

You will be able to set up your stand from 5pm on Friday. If you arrive before this time, you are welcome to come in a have a cup of tea or coffee, but you will not be able to start bringing your stuff in until the hall set-up is finished.